January 30, 2023 -Durt Fibo

In the scramble to survive a typical technological day, countless people have smoked out thieves who’ve bootlegged their creations. But just as many have discovered the right recipes for turning the process upside-down.

In this true example, you can see an actual demand Elon Musk sent to Google to take down sites which merchandise the witticisms of Elon Musk, with the main legal obstacle being that the litigant is not Elon Musk. Deep experience in the arts of detection lead us to conclude that the demand is written in Turkish. Musk enjoys travel, for pleasure and plotting, but he brings translators because he only speaks English (and a few phrases of Afrikaans). So, for once, all plaudits or opprobrium must be directed to this enterprising Turkish man.

This take-down demand was submitted to the Lumen DMCA database as far back as 9 months before Musk completed his purchase of Twitter, which is further evidence that Musk was born to be mocked.