June 23, 2022 -Durt Fibo


To make life easier, I’ve created today’s Facebook newsfeed for everybody, assembled from genuine headlines and guts:

Empathy cafes are safe places where normal people share
Time travel is complicated
It’s difficult to picture flooring
Thin and loosen mucus for 12 hours
Try it today!
Three women, one national crisis
Join us in congratulating the Les Schwab Team of the Month
It’s a mystery to me what products are sold there
Bald headed boy and girl
Admins aid Putin’s censors
Enjoy 15% off any footlong with promo code
Stay cool with incentives for energy-efficient home upgrades
Pimp my ride rocket launcher
The perfect Mormon family, and then I fell in love with my friend
Electric Ocean!
Legal fees can be stressful
All our hope is pinned on famine