Durt Fibo

July 1, 2024



     Having stayed the case of Trump’s immunity since February 28, the Supreme Court has now ruled that the notorious ex-President does have a broad cloak of regal invulnerability. The sophistries of the majority 6 to 3 decision were penned by John Roberts (full opinion here:, and are designed to stall out further progress until well after the upcoming Presidential election. The court had de facto granted Trump the immunity he claimed simply by postponing their ruling for such an inexplicable length of time. The Supreme Court had required a scant three days to strangle the 2000 election and anoint George W. Bush President.

     Whether from strategy or a dumb apprehension that they might be exposing themselves too quickly, the Ayatollahs have been wrongfooting the nation with their palooka haymakers –erasing laws and powers one day, upholding or stepping away from decisions and convictions the next. But all the real smackdowns have sent their victims to the morgue. They’ve been murdering liberty and skullcrushing civil protections. Tomorrow they flee Washington to their “gratuities” and luxury vacations.

     For most Americans these days, the world is heaving around them. If it is easier to comprehend, you may group all the convulsions under the name of that mortal pathogen, Project 2025, which is now becoming a dysphemism.  I first published full information on it a year ago (“Mein Krampf” complete with links to the masterminds’ own published words, but the article was not broadly assimilated. At the time of that writing I stressed that the program was not dependent on Donald Trump’s existence whatsoever, but was the gameplan for a “thousand-year Republican Party Reich.”

     Nor has any likeminded Reich-dreamers held themselves in waiting for Trump or any other individual to enter any office before launching the blitzkrieg. Most of what you can discern in the tornado raging around you is the wreckage of American democratic architecture already ripped off its foundations and hurled into splintered oblivion. In the turrets of night-high towers, battles have been directed by overfed priests and money-sweating judges. The 2025 formula per se consists of the accumulated poisons collected by yet another medievalistic Catholic -Kevin Roberts, a living Torquemada- over the course of his career. Another convinced he can make America be archaic and eat it, too. Roberts is, of course, currently president of The Heritage Foundation.

     I’d predicted Trump’s 2016 victory based on my knowledge of Americans, and, having been around them these past months, I would be amazed if he were to not win this 2024 election. I’ve had this unsavory expectation for months, not as a result of any televised debate, and I indeed hope that it proves wrong. Setting aside the manipulations of the electoral processes and the total putrescence of the press, the public is behind the times and still forms allegiances based on whom they would prefer to share a beer or a golden shower with. A world larger than they see suffers incredible beatings at times, and, in exasperation, voters will generally choose the candidate they find most entertaining. Compulsive clowns, like the thrice-elected Berlusconi, who is the modern Western progenitor of today’s buffoons, opened the way (along with the financial behemoths behind them) for the pratfalling, snarling tyrants like Orban, Fico, Le Pen, Meloni and Trump. As we know, they personify what the people desire. But the psychology is double-sided: such citizens are made of an urge for what pleasures them and a lust to harm others, or at the least cage them. Naturally these two forces nourish each other. Unfortunately the two are also the entire sum of their lives.

     But it is now ridiculously past the time when either the citizenry, the national political body, or even the oligarchs of any country can prolong this social farce any longer. Civilization as they imagine it to be has been demolished.  The accepted forced system envelops even would-be absolutist autarkies; the largest, such as China are finding as well that there is no escape. Phantasmagorical  finance capital is the only planetary law now, and that planet serves resource capital only to feed it its last crumbs until it has no more resources to give. The troposphere will be choked with money, while the Earth burns beneath you. You won’t be able to afford food and those with shelter will be stripping the boards for heat. Your health will be left to the caprices of nature.  

     The nation-state is an anachronism, and in no way able to govern when the world has succumbed to supra-national capital. If anyone believes that the nation-state -that is, the structure- can protect its citizens from global capital, he is being unattentive. If he is hoping that a state’s institutions –that is, its mechanisms- can preserve basic functions and protections, he is being more sentimental than realistic. But, for the immediate present, wrestling with the institutions and bureaucracies constitutes the daily existence and only aspirations of most people, and holding on to them for a few more days is the only victory over totalitarianism. -A provisional tactic only, for anyone hoping to complete a human life.