October 3, 2022 -Durt Fibo


This is the day we dread –Monday– and it will grow worse. From the first Monday in October, through a summer recess, to the first October Monday of 2023, the United States Supreme Court will be back in session.

So far, the Ayatollahs have decided to ‘hear’ cases further challenging the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency; a case in which Alabama was prohibited by 3 previous courts from racial gerrymandering reducing the state’s black representation by nearly 15%; two cases designed to erase affirmative action; and a case arguing for the failed Trump putschists’ independent state legislature doctrine, which invented the claim that state legislatures alone are empowered by the Constitution to regulate federal elections without oversight from state courts.

As indicated in the June 24 Dobbs ruling, contrived as a means of allegedly returning abortion rights to state laws (pace, Cracker Graham), the almost irrelevant pubescent rage written out by Ayatollah Samuel Alito, then amplified by a still angrier concurrence by Ayatollah Clarence Thomas, demanded that the court reassess its precedences and basic logic behind the legality of contraceptives, same and/or equal sex couples protections, and virtually all human rights progress made since the 17th century.

I have provided 2 schedules (one more accessible) of the cases headed into those caliginous halls below for everyone who think they might need some relaxation therapy to survive the current session, although it will not feel quite like that when they apply a jackhammer to your actual being. Look through the cases when you dare, many of which just happen to, at the far reach, re-open the legality of interracial marriage. A few might muster some sympathy for the man, but the whole nation shouldn’t be rearranged just because Ayatollah Thomas is desperate to divorce his wife.

By the end, we’ll be begging for an end to it all. But who knows if suicide hotlines will still be legal?,_October_term_2022-2023