August 6, 2022 -Durt Fibo

Today marks the anniversary of the Aug. 6th 1970 Yippie invasion of Disneyland by approximately 300 protesters, who scaled the rigging of Captain Hook’s pirate ship, sang “We Are Marching To Cambodia” in the musical parade down Main Street USA (as the Disney band attempted Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah), captured Tom Sawyer’s Island and raised a Viet Cong flag, openly smoked joints non-stop, and assayed a charge on Fantasyland to liberate Minnie Mouse from the patriarchal “Happiest Place On Earth”.

The date was chosen in acknowledgment of the Aug. 6, 1945 Hiroshima bombing. The day was planned as a general anti-Vietnam War action. Disneyland’s ride “It’s A Small World” was known to be backed by Bank of America, which was also known to be supporting the war. The Disney empire was regarded by the protesters as stolidly racist, capitalist and male-supremacist. The deliverance of Minnie was billed as a noontime action for Women’s Liberation.

According to Disneyland chronicles, hundreds of Anaheim and Fullerton police were gathered at a base backstage of Main Street and several other strategic areas, while the Marines at El Toro were readied to be airlifted in. Disneyland, of course had its own security forces to deal with the scattered melees.

Disneyland supervisor Bill “Sully” Sullivan later told reporters that Vice President of Operations Dick Nunis “grabbed one guy by his long hair and yanked him backstage and his wig came off! He was a Secret Service agent or something in disguise who was there to keep an eye on things.”

Astoundingly, Disneyland had to close down 5 hours early. By the end of the day, 23 protesters had been arrested on charges including assault, disturbing the peace, drug possession, trespassing, and vandalism. The Vietnam War continued for 5 more years, and Minnie Mouse remains shackled in the mausoleum of the American Empire.