October 29, 2022 -Durt Fibo

I will not waste my time here enumerating the torpedinous or dangerous effects of our primitive modern media. I am curious, however, if anyone remains who employs sober logic.

Although it had been invented much earlier, email was fully formed and in global use by 1995. Eleven years after that point, four guys apparently got stoned and created Twitter.

Email did all that Twitter could do and far more, since the latter is limited to messages of 280 characters, Not words, but characters –as in each letter.

Now somebody, who appears to be a one-man Cheech and Chong act, on impulse pays $44 billion for Twitter, which is above all used by journalists who prefer to smoke weed than do their traditional jobs.

Email in 2022 has around 4.258 billion users. Twitter has around 238 million.

What those four men made, and this man just bought, is the epitome of an anti-invention.