July 24, 2023 -Durt Fibo

Russian President Vladimir Putin finally signed a law banning transgender transitioning, and the law, with it’s numerous prohibitions, was immediately activated. Some of the clauses are:

Couples in which one of the partners changed sex are barred from adopting children.

A change of sex by one or both legally married spouses is now legal grounds for annulment of the marriage. This is one of several clauses that can be applied retroactively.

Doctors are forbidden to perform sex reassignment operations, except in cases related to the treatment of “congenital physiological anomalies.” Hormone therapy is also outlawed.

Every sort of registry offices are forbidden to change a person’s documents on the basis of medical certificates of sex change.

Russians who had “changed their sex” abroad will not be able to obtain documents in Russia that will indicate the corrected/altered gender.

I will not provide the link as it is frankly not safe, but I have included a screenshot I made of the law as published in the official register.