June 23, 2023 -Durt Fibo

At the start of this morning, the Russian Federation activated its emergency anti-rebellion “Citadel”, or “Fortress” plan. The Fortress procedure initiates deployment against elevated security risks near key governmental and critical infrastructure facilities ripe for attack, and is apparently being seen underway in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don, and possibly also in Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, Belgorod, and Bryansk.

The contingency plan was actually set in motion by the mouth of Wagner’s Prigozhin. Old Piroshky-head is in fact now under charges of mutiny and fomenting revolution from the FSB for his latest infelicities; He claimed video he was disseminating showed Russian rocket decimations of Wagner troops, and now says his 25,000 or so Wagner mercs “are going to figure out why the chaos is happening in the country. Anyone who wants should join. We need to end this mess,” He once again denounced as a lie Russia’s assertions that Kyiv was planning to launch an offensive on the Russian-controlled territories in eastern Ukraine in February 2022, saying: “There was nothing extraordinary happening on the eve of February 24. The ministry of defense is trying to deceive the public and the president and spin the story that there was insane levels of aggression from the Ukrainian side and that they were going to attack us together with the whole Nato block.”

This is not the first time the Wagner warlord has publicly refuted Putin’s war premises, for example here and here.