June 29, 2023 -Durt Fibo

Fresh 2023 tweet/screengrab

This is a patriotic American tweet by the blue-check certified Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – now deleted – showing his merch parading down a street which accidentally has Russian signs somebody forgot to alter. In short, a manipulated Russian photo. Twitter users noticed it and saved it, and have begun posting it.

Dire stuff. This comes from a 2022 extremely poor photoshop splat of a Russian street with a computer generated woman wearing a shirt promoting the “Swedish” brand “Fika,” then changed to the RFK shirt. Conclusion: Russian state-paid bot farms putting these out and RFK’s people either brain-dead and unquestioningly accepting such helpful promo, or unaware that such things are being put up in his name (excepting whomever posted it in his account, of course), or RFK and his people fully aware and complicit (until caught out). Below is the source picture from 2022.

Source picture: 2022