August 1, -2023 Durt Fibo


Last Thursday, July 27, the Polish Minister of Internal Affairs, Mariusz Kaminski, responded to the words of Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, who had earlier been quoted as claiming “Wagnerians” from Belarus could enter Polish territory. Kaminski, familiar with “Idi” Lukashenko’s self-driving mouth, reassured the Baltic nations, saying: “The enemies of our country from the east would like our citizens to be alarmed and deprived of a sense of security…We do not take this seriously.”

Kaminski – still unruffled – explained that Poland is conversing with Latvia and Lithuania on how to respond to the presence of the mercenaries, and how their countries are prepared for the possible closure of the borders with Belarus if necessary. “And I do not exclude that if we consider that this is the right reaction at the moment, it will lead to the complete isolation of Belarus, and the Belarusian regime must be aware of this.”

Two days before that, Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas admonished the region to stop “dancing to disinformation” from Lukashenko and Putin, referring to the threats of “Wagnerians” allegedly preparing an invasion of Poland from Belarus.

This all follows the cautions I spelled out in my July 23 article (On Wagner In Belarus And External Fights).

Finally, today (August 1), Lukashenko told residents of the Kamenets district in which the Wagner remnants have taken to camping, what the mercenaries are actually doing there. -This was all reported in detail by the official state-owned Belarusian news agency BelTA..

Idi” improvised: “As for this private military company [Wagner], when these unpleasant events took place, I had to intervene. Because I understood: if Russia breaks out, it will be hot for everyone there, but they ended here and in the Caucasus…And then I promised these guys: “If you stop, I will guarantee your safety, we will take you to Belarus, then we will sort it out.”

Lukashenko went on to say that he would like to keep the zeks. These are real fighters who went through the war, who lost many of their friends. They help us for free (although mercenaries, they fought and worked everywhere for money) and pass on experience.” He then dismissed the recent rumors of a Wagnerite foray into neighboring territories as a “joke.”

“Suddenly, I hear recently, Poland went berserk that supposedly some detachment, as many as 100 people, was headed there. No Wagner PMC detachments of 100 people moved. And if they moved, it was only only in order to transfer combat experience to [Belarusian] brigades which are are concentrated in Brest and Grodno. I have to train my military, because an army that does not fight is half an army, you also understand this very well. I don’t want to fight. I don’t want our guys to die. Therefore, we need to teach them. So they pass on their experience. They will advise, they will say something. They are very satisfied with our soldiers. They say that they are very trained people, and most importantly, they want to learn. Therefore, being near Osipovichi, in the center of Belarus, these guys do not want to go anywhere. They are used to following orders,” Luky emphasized.

Droning on, he at the same time expounded on the concerns that Belarus might be used as a staging base for a dash through the Suwalki Gap to isolated Russian Kaliningrad: “Listen, the Suwalki corridor is not in Belarus. We do not move along this corridor, nor to the corridor. We have not needed it for a thousand years. The main thing is to be calm. I joked that the Wagnerites were whispering among themselves: we were going on an excursion to Rzeszow. Why? Because the equipment and weapons went from Rzeszow to where these Wagnerians fought near Artemovsk [Bakhmut] Thousands of their guys died there. And they they will not be forgiven for that. Let them [the Poles] thank me for inviting these fighters to our place.”