September 30, 2022 -Durt Fibo


This is a genuine published order, no fake. Immediately after Russia declared the annexation of 4 Ukrainian regions yesterday, Ihor Smelyanskiy, head of Ukraine’s national postal service, Ukrposhta, issued an order declaring that the Kremlin is now the in the jurisdiction of Ukrposhta, which will be opening a post office there with a Ukrainian postal code. Echoing the ‘legality’ of the situation, Smelyanskiy’s text is a nearly verbatim copy of Putin’s annexation decree.

Rapidly translated, the decree says:

“In accordance with the generally recognized norms and principles and norms of international law, defining and confirming the principle of equal rights and self-determination for the century-unknown people of the Kremlin, enshrined in the UN Charter, as well as taking into account the inadequate quality of providing postal and other services to the people of Russia, as well as the principle of “who first wore the coat –that is, the doctor [an allusion to an old Ukrainian parable: in the mental hospital who first donned ‘the jacket’ -D.F.] I order:
1. To recognize V. Putin’s independence from common sense;
2. Recognize the territory of the Moscow Kremlin as the territory of Ukrposhta and open a branch there for the provision of postal and psychological services with the code 10300;
3. This order is valid from the date of signing, Ihor Smelyanskyy, 29 September 2022.”