October 23, 2022 -Durt Fibo


Today the Government of Iran officially acknowledged that the (Iranian) “Black Reward” activist hacker group did indeed gain access into the government-run Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, as the group claimed to have done Friday.

Black Reward hacked into Iranian nuclear databases and said it would publicly release technical and personnel details unless authorities released protesters arrested for supporting the actions sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, which has resulted in widespread demonstrations with the rallying cry: “Women, Life, Freedom”.

Since the Iranian government disdained to respond to the hackers, Black Reward opened to the world access to files of contracts, construction plans, and details about equipment at the Bushehr nuclear plant -amounting to 50 gigabytes of sensitive documents, according to Pierluigi Paganini at Security Affairs.

Black Reward’s Twitter account (which I cannot link to without getting this article guillotined) has a mission statement pinned reading: “We are a part of the Iranian hacker community that will fight with you, our compatriots, until the end to confront the criminal regime of the mullahs and destroy them.
For “Woman, Life, Freedom” “