This was an actual movie released (!) in 2020 and produced by Lifetime and KFC. The synopsis says it is “The story of a young heiress who struggles to choose between a wealthy suitor chosen by her mother, and the new house chef Harland Sanders.” In real life, Colonel Sanders was never a house chef, but did pinball through hundreds of pavement-level jobs, from which he was invariably fired (not for what the movie indicates), and was constantly brawling, often simultaneously. He was in a shootout with a rival gas station attendant (one dead), and lost his brief career as a lawyer when he got into a wild fistfight in court with his own client. He amazed his mistress and no friends by accidentally burning down his first restaurant. Many of these abasements can be enjoyed in biographies by Josh Ozersky and J. E. Pearce. Or you can watch the movie and tell me how long your date lasted.