January 4, 2022 -Durt Fibo


The wacky-male contest for Speaker of the House (hitherto Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy) is being skewed towards what the faithful are calling a possible “compromise solution”, who for now seems to be Byron Donalds, the Republicans’ US Representative for Florida’s 19th District.

Donalds has the solid trustworthiness of a man who worked in the uniquely Floridian insurance business, as well as the finance and banking industry. This gives him special cred when combined with his 2020 guilty plea to felony bribery charges “as part of a scheme to defraud a bank” (reported in The Floridian, on August 12, 2020).

The charge and legal actions were conveniently expunged from his record upon his taking a seat in the US House of Representatives in 2021, after which he was felicitously assigned to positions in the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy, and the Committee on Small Business.

An early adherent to the Tea Party, then the Freedom Caucus, Donalds clearly has his heart and prayers turned outwards, sparing no enforceable restrictions on his fellow citizens. He was initially inspired to wipe out the felony charge and RUN for the US House by the compassionate $1.5 million of generosity extended by the famously right-wing Club for Growth (whose PAC has backed Ron DeSantis, Harriet Hageman, Rand Paul, Adam Laxalt, and Chip Roy). The Freedom Caucus has been withholding votes from McCarthy until he promises to eliminate the Office of Congressional Ethics.