January 28, 2023 -Durt Fibo


Since the recent announcement that Meta will once again welcome Donald Trump on its Facebook and Instagram playgrounds -but without the inconvenience of fact checking since he is now a declared candidate (amazing logic)- we shall have to clearly lay out the facts of this imbroglio now.

Tucked into a long-running investigation into the 4-year counter-investigation of Robert Mueller’s 2-year investigation of possible Russian involvement in America’s 2016 election, The New York Times ended the week by revealing that counter-investigator John Durham had accompanied his chief, Attorney General William Barr, to Italy in 2019…to investigate, of course.

The two had gone abroad and collided with reality, as they found all roads do indeed lead to Rome. The impetus was word from Italian authorities that they had information of worth. A subsequent magnetic draw towards the Eternal City was a worthless confabulation emanating from the scalps of some of Trump’s most besotted devotees.

To begin with 2019: Barr doubtless felt his instinct to accompany Durham was justified when, on plopping down for espressos the Italians informed them that they had on their hands a troubling and tangled number of crimes they claimed had been committed by Trump! Specifically “financial crimes,” which they are often quite alert to, and which they produced their evidence of. Barr (and an abashed Durham) dashed home and not only buried the Italian intelligence, but perversely hinted that their trip had led to tracks of illegalities perpetrated against Trump.

This inevitably cracked open the American mindscape to the next era of the counter-investigation, also gruffly condoned by the Attorney General whom Italy christened “Fred Flintstone,” although he was soon to flee the crime scene that he’d helped create.

The confabulations (plural) inexplicably began with accusations that, during the 2020 American election, Italy had been the site of vote-switching (from Trump to Biden) by satellite technology. This somehow spread to include top levels of the Italian military and even the Vatican. Naturally, there is no evidence to show that Trump himself did not find such notions expedient, or that he didn’t invent them himself; His chief of staff, Mark Meadows, found himself pushing the Justice Department to get to the bottom of this fathomless fantasy. In at least one email, Meadows insisted that then acting-Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen meet with people enthused about the elaborate, YouTubed, multi-layered scheme by America’s newest and greatest enemy: Italy.