December Cessation, 2022

Bidden or hounded, we stand uncertainly in the doorway, between nuclear fusion and nuclear war. We are the guests of great men’s failures.

Lights flash like bomb bursts in the dark saturnalia. Screams of desire pulse with screams of loss. Maps ignite, flare up and crackle to ash. Shrapnel whirls off the mirror balls. Only arms manufacturing keeps the globe spinning, as weapons roll out and over each land.

In every patria lies strafe the crowds. Our climate is tear gas. We’ve all taken up running. Politicians have mated with mediacretincies to become a new species of roaches. Laws are decided or invented each minute by red tapeworms. Who eat wormholes for the wealthy to zip through. The sight of food fades to darkness as dollars overgrow it like a nightmare jungle. Transport sputters out in contracting circles as fuel only ejaculates at the promise of more money to come. Retail behemoths terminate staffs and services as they turbocharge profits. Asia wobbles on the tremors of the imperial plans of what has become the largest for-profit corporation in history, itself a fraud already rattling from its quaking resplendence. Africa scans bare horizons for ships bearing grains, a few pills. Europe scrambles to reroute Russian fuel lines in a dislocated wartime. In mighty America one sixth of the homes are losing lights, water, heat while the nine biggest utility companies report 25% rate hikes and $14 billion in profits, so it wasn’t a matter of their costs after all. The same is repeated for every material we need to wake up tomorrow. In Europe medical facilities are skinned from years of ‘modernizing’ close shaves and sell-offs. In the US, pharmacists are said to be too scarce to provide vital prescriptions, but the number of new pharmacy graduates outpaces job growth according to the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and the US Department of Labor statistics. We all know where the depletions are carved; “Managerial Class” has become synonymous with incompetence par excellence. All administrations are now divisions of ice cream trucks, loudspeakers on repeat, propelled by their own constant crazed ditties. The bastions of finance mysteriously need to fire their employees to keep up pretense that finance functions. Central banks -nine in December alone- call it ‘inflation’ and staunch it with interest hikes to gouge the poor who pay interest, but this is no classically demand-driven inflation. Governments cry they have nothing to give, but that’s after decades of strip-mining all social resources. Usually, looters are shot, but in these times they’re rewarded. Greed is the slime sold as bullet-proof ointment.

Nothing works any longer. The technical turds that floated in and covered our walls, streets, eyes, ears and mouths were designed by people with no knowledge of reality or restraint, all they’ve made has turned out to be malware, spyware, and in the final instance ransomware, and now that world is caving in on itself. They have failed. But have destroyed human reason in doing so. The ones with silicon solid state heads call themselves visionary, accidentally mislay $100 of millions conjuring hideouts; worlds of inflatable sex dolls which don’t exist. Cars crash, planes drop, it’s all intertwined and nothing is viable. We’re happy to see the computerized age fall into hell, but it’s taken too many of us with it. Everyone working sees the teeth marks in their paychecks; now merely rinds of what was before and still stolen by a machine in a far away metaverse where your identity ran off with somebody else. You’ve been hacked to pieces.

Nobody bothers to speak any more (too much like work), but mobs appear braying for new messiahs. Militias arise and superstition helmets them. Every election is another coup d’état. Zombies and cannibals are overwhelmingly popular. TVs are our plasma. Insatiable avarice lights the festivities, an infinite boulevard of plutolatry funnels everything we love of earth away from us and into the choppers of despots. Most military contracts are classified, and every defense budget includes unaccountable discretionary caches from millions to billions, so we are unable to report the year’s profits of the arms industry. The world oozes together as the carcinomas of new palaces, silent assassinations, bribes, rake-offs and literal satchels of cash rise high over billions of citizens without rights or even the certainty of life beyond this moment.

Was ‘the West’ surprised by barbarism bursting into its parlors when February 24 came wearing the tatters of August 14? No utility bills there this winter. Not only have the leading nations disproved their dogma that introducing the spangles of capitalism naturally leads to democracy, but they’ve imploded their own democratic societies while watching others use the free market to attain caliginous lands of immense and totalitarian power. West, East, North and South, humanity is being boiled down to a ever reducing layer of ruling scum, choking all life below it into scab, unaware and unconcerned that this becomes nothing to sustain itself. Ukraine -that heretofore risible mass of rampant corruption- now advances and shields those trembling behind it, as a unique chance to both save and enlighten the West. (I cannot address specifics of that potential endeavor in this short article).

Across the world cities buckle as the throngs protest being killed by morality police or riot squads deployed like armies. Cities teem with nameless shadows driven insane by hunger and nothing called home. Cities jut up like sledgehammered bones, where no human flesh has been left alive. Villages burn or drown in plagues. Who can name the days of the weak?

Enjoy the party. Maintain a polite distance from the fumes of mankind, and be sure to avail yourself of the complimentary hand satanizer.

Herr Professor Dr. Wasserkopf

December Cessation, 2022